Privacy Policy

Salford Foundation respects the privacy of people entering this website and follows a Data Protection Policy which is in place to meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act (1998) and the Employment Practices Data Protection Code. The Policy covers all employees, volunteers and associates.

The Foundation recognises the importance of respecting the personal privacy of all employees, volunteers and associates and also the need to build in appropriate safeguards during the collection, storage, processing and utilisation of personal data.

Personal data in this policy refers to any item of information relating to a past, current or potential employee or volunteer from which that person can be identified as an individual. We principally collect and maintain such data in order to meet our legitimate interests as an employer and social inclusion organisation, comply with statutory requirements and fulfill individual employment contracts with our employees and agreements with volunteers.

If you complete a downloadable application form, we will require your name, address and phone number so that we can respond to you.

Why we hold information about you

Salford Foundation will hold information about you if you complete an application form but will only keep it for no longer than is necessary for its declared purpose. We may hold this information in either paper or electronic format.


If you are a volunteer, our staff will respect the privacy of young people and disclose confidential information only with the explicit consent of the client, except where there is a clear evidence of a serious risk to the young person or the welfare of others, or other statutory or legal obligations apply. We offer full training to volunteers on confidentiality and disclosures and offer full support throughout

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