Build Back Youth Salford

Build Back Youth Salford is an employability programme, which focuses on helping the NEET young people in Salford back into education or work - with a focus on the Construction & Warehousing sectors.

The programme has a focus on construction yet it is open to any individual aged 16-24 who is out of education or work and lives in a Salford postcode. With links to many employers, education establishments and more, the programme gives young people the chance to enhance their employability skills and connect with employers whilst being assisted in forming their career paths – supporting them in an ever-changing job market.

The programme includes a rolling skills and training course tailored to help young people get that first step into construction. With strong connections across Salford and Greater Manchester to some of the biggest construction firms and apprenticeship providers, Build Back Youth Salford allows young people to gain seven accredited construction qualifications whilst in direct contact with big employers. Young people will have the chance to work on their CVs, enhance their interview skills, and gain some vital knowledge for moving into the construction industry.

Alongside the skills and training course, individual support is given to those who: have yet to part-take in the course; are looking for work not quite suited to the construction training programme; and have gained employment through the BBYS programme. This support comes in all shapes and sizes and is tailored to the individual’s needs. Examples of this could be help applying for formal ID, accessing some of the other support offered by Salford Foundation or even help with clothes to wear so that they are ready for an interview.

The Build Back Youth Salford programme, funded by The Prince’s Trust’s Future Workforce Fund, is designed to help the people who need it most. It will help them gain the tools and qualifications they need to make either there first step into the world of employment or their return. In doing this, the programme is their to support them through a changing and seemingly volatile job market with a focus on building back the workforce, especially in the construction industry.

Upcoming BBYS Courses

 DateAge Group
 January  16-24
 February  16-24
 March  16-24
April  16-24


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Tom Dwelly

BBYS Project Co-ordinator


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