The EVOLVE project aims to deliver mental well-being and recovery support for 50 women in Salford who are experiencing mid-life crisis. The project is kindly part-funded by BUPA UK Foundation.

The Evolve key worker will deliver a 12-week programme of support for women in Salford including the following:

  • Running group-based workshops on personal development,mental health and well-being
  • Agreeing and developing individual recovery plans
  • Signposting to online well-being resources
  • Promoting volunteering and befriending opportunities
  • Empowering women to connect and support each other

The project will help develop a new model of mental health and well-being for women who do not access mental health services. This will include women who do not meet the threshold levels for referral to primary care services and support.

We are currently accepting referrals for women aged 30-50 living in Salford who do not have a diagnosed mental health condition.

The Evolve project is an extension of our Pathways project which has now come to a close. See the below video for how projects like these have impacted women’s lives

Project Updates

For further information or to refer service users, please contact:

Bernie Shaw : Bernie.Shaw@salfordfoundation.org.uk


Sultana Hayat: Sultana.Hayat@salfordfoundation.org.uk