Take Five

The Take Five Initiative supports businesses and their employees to ‘Take Five’ out of their day to give back to local schools in their community through volunteering their time.

Salford Foundation’s Business Education Partnership runs many events with schools across Greater Manchester to bridge the gap between school and the world of work. What we ask from our businesses is that they sign up to a give day commitment; that is to say that the business commits to sending a representative to at least five of our events throughout the year.

There are four main activities that we run: World of Work, Mock Interviews, Tycoon Launch and the Work Preparation programme.

World of Work

We invite a variety of businesses to talk to students about different jobs, industries, qualifications and run a group activity highlighting specific job roles. Students will ‘carousel’ around each representative to find out about job opportunities and career options.

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews give students the opportunity to experience a one-to-one interview with a business volunteer. The students will also have an opportunity to receive feedback after the interview.

Tycoon Launch

Tycoon Launch is an enterprise challenge the places students into small enterprise teams competing against each other to design a product for potential investors. Teams must produce a prototype and pitch to a panel of business representatives.

Work Preparation Programme

This one year programme is a great opportunity for students to prepare for the world of work and for schools to integrate into their stable careers programme. Students will look at three distinct sessions: Personal Branding, Interview Preparation and a CV workshop.

What people are saying

"I enjoyed my experience on NCS because I was challenged by myself and others around me. I had a lot of inspiration to carry on and do better. I mixed with people from different backgrounds."

"Without Salford Foundation's support I'd be homeless. You've changed my life and I would never be able to continue my studies without your help."

"Coming here has changed my life around for the better. It has helped me stop offending by looking at why I did it in the first place and helping get things sorted out."

"I am now much more confident in my schoolwork and I listen more and my organisational skills are getting better each day."

"You would not believe the difference coming to Salford Foundation has made. I was sitting in my house, not speaking to anyone for days. My life has changed for the better. I have a life again."

"I can now start living my life again and not be afraid to open my front door. Thank you so much."

"Thank you so much for going above and beyond for my child. Your help and support has helped make such a difference in her life in such a small amount of time. I am truly grateful."

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Take Five


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