Engage Salford

Engage Salford provides targeted early intervention to vulnerable children and young people aged 8-16 to tackle problems emerging in their lives.

This intensive mentoring project aims to reduce risk taking behaviours and raise the aspirations of children and young people. For each person a personalised support package will be drawn up and will include; one to one mentoring focusing on developing new skills and attitudes which promote resilience and aspirations; activity based workshops will inform, challenge and support mentees on topics, including drugs and alcohol, relationships, sexual health, domestic violence; bespoke support to ensure attendance and achievement in mainstream or other educational settings; using leisure time constructively.

What people are saying

“Engage has helped me to get back into school and I have enjoyed it a lot."

“She has been able to identify her inappropriate behaviour and discuss with me how she feels about this. She has been able to vocalise her feelings better.”

“I have really enjoyed doing the project. The Engage Trafford staff know how to talk to you on a level and understand us.”

“The atmosphere at home has much improved. X is a lot calmer, more focused. We talk more now. X has grown up a lot now. [Her Co-ordinator] has been a very good role model and helped her tremendously.”

“My Co-ordinator helped me look for work, provided opportunities and helped me with job interviews. I feel a lot more confident as well talking and asking people for things.” (Participant)

“X has shown 100% improvement in all areas. He has improved his grades in school, ability to communicate with adults and peers.”
(Education/ Safeguarding Officer)

“Since working with my Co-ordinator I have gained more confidence and got involved with a lot more things. He has helped me find an apprenticeship and have it set up for when I leave school. Engage has helped me to be more open about things and communicate with others better.”

“My son’s attitude and behaviour have really improved at home and he is making good progress. Thank you so much for all your help.”

If you believe you have a young person who would benefit from the support of Engage Salford, please get in touch.

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