Inspired to Aspire Digital

BNY Mellon and Salford Foundation have developed a project that equips young people, aged 8 to 19, with skills and experiences found in the digital industries.

The project provides a range of opportunities for young people, including skills days and business facing workshops. In addition, some young people will be given the opportunity to be involved in a mentoring scheme with an employee from a digital role.

The new project is responding to its funder’s global philanthropic objectives:

  • To expand digital literacy access to allow for enhanced livelihood and employment opportunities.
  • To promote pathways to technology careers for youth (aged 16-24) through education, training, skills building, internships and mentoring.
  • To invest in education and curricula that focuses on developing the workforce of the future or supports the re-training, re-skilling or re-tooling of people.

The project is split into three sections; each tier offers a range of different workshops and sessions aimed at different age groups to improve young people’s skills and generate interest in the digital sector.

Age 8-13: Lego Robots

Lego Robots is a new and exciting one day programme that will encourage young people to work in teams, problem solve and develop their coding knowledge. The programme will allow young people to work through a series of tasks that make their Lego Robot come to life. It aims to introduce young people to code and show them about how digital will be part of their lives and future careers.

Age 16-19: Targeted Digital Workshops

The Foundation will work with relevant businesses to develop a series of workshops which give an insight into the range of careers in technology industries and the role and impact of digital in other employment sectors. Workshops will be delivered by sector professionals in the business environment, supported by Foundation staff. We will work with local FE colleges to identify cohorts of students (16+) on relevant courses of study who would benefit most from participating.

Age 16-19: Targeted Digital Mentoring

Through participation in the Targeted Digital Workshops, a small cohort of individuals will be identified for bespoke coaching and mentoring. The Foundation will work with relevant businesses to identify and train specialist coaches/mentors to broker and manage the relationships with young people aged 16+. The mentoring will begin as a digital relationship using an e-mentoring platform. However, it is hoped that this will lead to bite-size chunks of bespoke work shadowing or work experience.

Age 16-19: DEVA/hack

The aim of the Digital Entrepreneurs and Video Artists Hackathon (DEVA/hack) is to create an employability resource for young people designed to support them develop and articulate their professional career identity. By engaging in the process of creating a video portfolio, learners will gain knowledge and understanding of soft skills, awareness and insight into job readiness and develop their confidence and motivation to pursue digital and creative careers.

If you would like to find more about how you can get involved in our Inspired to Aspire Digital programmes, please get in touch.

Emily Slater

Digital Education Coordinator


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