National Citizen Service

Designed for 16-17 year olds, NCS is a youth programme that runs every summer and autumn, during school holidays.
The experience is all about emboldening young people, by giving them the buzz of being an adult (without all the responsibilities).

On NCS, participants live away from home and get a taste for independence. They mix with a new crowd of people and take on exciting challenges together. The experience helps young people to develop skills that will set them up for life after school.

Participants then get a chance to use these new-found skills, by tackling a passion project of their choosing. NCS is dedicated to providing a platform for young people where they can speak up, get their voice heard and tackle real-world issues close to home. The experience might last just a few weeks, but the impact? That lasts a lot longer.

Since day one, in 2011, nearly 600,000 young people have taken part in NCS, completing over 14.5 million hours of community action, and gaining priceless life experiences.

Participants will engage in residential experiences that will provide the skills and knowledge necessary for their task of creating and delivering a social action project that will benefit the community. The main summer programme each year is now complemented by a shorter version in the autumn, alongside ongoing volunteering and social action opportunities through the Graduate Programme.

Salford Foundation is delivering the NCS programme in Salford and Trafford as part of a North West consortium with our partners, The Growth Company.

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Summer 2022 programme

This summer we have a 2 Week option which includes four phases – Be Epic, Live Life, Do Good & Go Party.

Week 1 – Be Epic & Live Life (Residential)

Be Epic & Life Live – This residential will provide a wide range of activities which are challenging, fun, build confidence and encourage team work. The young people will also participate in skills work shops to develop their communication, presentation and resilience skills. The residential will be 4 nights and 5 days, Monday to Friday the group will experience outdoor challenges such as rock climbing, canoeing, rafting and gorge scrambling.

Week 2 – Do good

The young people will meet each day for a week to plan a project to benefit the local community. As a team, the young people will agree on a project that is of interest to them, for example helping at an animal shelter or doing a project in a local care home.

After finalising their plans, the young people will go on to deliver their chosen project.

NCS staff, business volunteers and charities will support the teams of young people throughout the planning and delivering of their project, offering invaluable advice.


The programme has 5 starts dates throughout the summer holidays in order to be as flexible as possible for all participants.

Please note – Wave 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 all include the ‘Be Epic & Live Life’ residential experience week (5 days and 4 nights stay at an outdoor activity centre)

  • Wave 1 (2 weeks)
    Mon 4th Jul - Fri 15th July
  • Wave 2 (2 weeks)
    Mon 11th Jul - Fri 22rd July
  • Wave 3 (2 weeks)
    Mon 18th Jul - Fri 29th July
  • Wave 4 (2 weeks)
    Mon 25th Jul - Fri 5th Aug
  • Wave 5 (2 weeks)
    Mon 1st Aug - Fri 12th Aug

Sign up

The NCS staff team will be visiting schools and colleges regularly, presenting information to Year 11 and Sixth Form students.

To sign up online, please visit

Alternatively, paper registration forms are available on request.

The programme never costs more than £50 which can be paid in cash, online or by phone with a credit/debit card by ringing 0800 197 8010. Cheques can be made payable to Salford Foundation.

This will be the only cost incurred by you and will cover all phases of the programme including accommodation during the residential and all food for the duration of the programme.


If a young person withdraws from NCS within 14 days of our receipt of their payment, they will be eligible for a full refund.

If you have made payment online you will need to contact the NCS Trust on 0800 197 8010 or visit their website

For payments made directly to Salford Foundation via cash or cheque, please contact us by telephone on 0161 787 3838 or email

What people are saying

"It built up my skill set, great for CV, love the charity and how it gets you thinking and putting smiles on people's faces" - Young Person

"My daughter was completely transformed by the experience" - Parent

"I loved making new friends and all the activities, the NCS program also helped me build up my confidence" - Young Person

"My son loved everything, met lots of new friends and loved living at the University x" - Parent

"I absolutely loved being nicely shoved out of my comfort zone and meeting new people that will be friends for a life time" - Young Person

"From a parental point of view it was good for him to have something to focus on in the holidays and encouraged his personal development in leadership skills, socialising and communication and organisation. Absolutely well worth the money and the effort" - Parent

"Very enjoyable and worthwhile experience that will help me in the future" - Young Person

"New friends, great activities and a huge sense of achievement when charity night was a massive success. Thank you, couldn't fault you at all." - Parent

If you would like to find out more about National Citizen Service, please get in touch with the team on: