RISE works with young people aged between 10-14, who have witnessed, or been a victim of, historical and significant family conflict at home/ domestic abuse. We aim to increase their awareness and understanding of trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s), enabling more positive, safe and aspirational choices which shape their future and building resilience.

What people are saying

“She has been able to identify her inappropriate behaviour and discuss with me how she feels about this. She has been able to vocalise her feelings better.”

“The atmosphere at home has much improved. X is a lot calmer, more focused. We talk more now. X has grown up a lot now. [Her Co-ordinator] has been a very good role model and helped her tremendously.”

“My Co-ordinator helped me look for work, provided opportunities and helped me with job interviews. I feel a lot more confident as well talking and asking people for things.” (Participant)

“X has shown 100% improvement in all areas. He has improved his grades in school, ability to communicate with adults and peers.”
(Education/ Safeguarding Officer)

“My son’s attitude and behaviour have really improved at home and he is making good progress. Thank you so much for all your help.”

If you believe you have a young person who would benefit from the support of RISE, please get in touch.

Get involved

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