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Salford Foundation is a social inclusion organisation that provide opportunities for young people and adults in Salford and surrounding boroughs to develop social, academic, vocational and personal skills.

The Foundation engages with business and the wider community in shaping and delivering its services – many of the Foundation programmes include significant volunteer support with a particular focus on mentoring.

Working with the Foundation provides business with an opportunity to maximise their corporate and social responsibility practice, engage with local people and their communities, to promote the professional development of staff through volunteering and to raise the public profile of their companies within communities and through the media.

Our work in schools focuses on the development of work related experience and enterprise to put the curriculum in a real world context or supporting individual children and young people to address issues of self-esteem, school engagement and attainment.

Through a range of intervention and prevention programmes the staff at Salford Foundation also support young people and adults who are both hard to reach and hard to engage. We  provide bespoke and tailored support to assist individuals to progress and develop socially, as well as access new learning opportunities. The work of the Foundation has a positive impact on individuals and families.

Our work with adults not only addresses the challenge of developing confidence and skills to access employment and learning opportunities, but also addresses issues of offending and reoffending, potential family breakdown and offers a range of services in support of vulnerable women.

The Foundation places the needs of service users first and foremost both in the development of provision and in their ease of access to it.

The Foundation values the contribution that businesses and members of the local community make in supporting our programmes of work. Together we work with children, young people and adults to maximise their potential and provide bespoke support to take individuals on a journey from where they are now to where they want to be by opening the doors to opportunity..
More information on the work of the Foundation can be found in our publications section where a number of more detailed reports will provide in depth information on a variety of projects. 

We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers from the world of work or the wider community to support our activities. If you have an interest in the work that we do and feel that you could contribute please e-mail enquiries@salfordfoundation.org.uk  with your general area of interest and we will do our best to accommodate those interests.

For access to information on full and part time paid positions within our teams please monitor the recruitment page where you have the facility to request further information by post or to apply on line.

The Foundation values the comments and contributions from partners, stakeholders, service users and the public in general. Please feel free to compliment the work of the Foundation if you or people you know have benefitted from working with us – either by direct contact with the worker in question or by contacting joy.newton@salfordfoundation.org.uk. Similarly, if you have a complaint please contact Joy via her email address for a copy of our complaints procedure – we strive to be the best so your views on the organisation and its work are important to us.

With the recent changes to GDPR, should you wish to contact our Data Protection Officer please email dpo@salfordfoundation.org.uk

Salford FoundationSalford FoundationSalford Foundation
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