The LEAP Project

The LEAP project provides peer-to-peer support to improve the wellbeing of students during the transition from primary school to high school.

The LEAP project, funded by the Co-op Foundation aims to train and up-skill year 8 students to deliver their own peer-to-peer support programme with year 6 students moving into year 7. Year 8 students will take part in a 60 hour programme where they will learn some of the necessary skills to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate their own projects that help support year 6 students with some of the challenges and fears of moving to high school, all leading to year 8 students receiving an ASDAN approved ‘bronze’ award in Personal Development.

Year 8 students will learn and grow in skills such as: communication, teamwork, research, session planning, presentation and evaluation. Students will also have input from a variety of different businesses and professionals sharing their knowledge and will help deliver workshops to help students up-skill.


If you would like to find more about the LEAP project and our other transition work, please get in touch.

Fiona Cruice

Raising Aspirations Coordinator

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