Boys to Men

The Boys to Men project has helped 411 boys and young men explore ‘positive masculinity’ and improve gender-related behaviours and attitudes.

The project implemented an education and prevention approach, delivered in primary and high schools.  It brought groups of young boys together from a range of  ages covering year 5,6,7 & 8.

Pupils/Students were consulted and informed on the concept of ‘positive masculinity’ and formed insights into how they can contribute to a co-ordinated local solution to gender-inequality and misogyny.

They have taken part in a 6 week programme where they have been educated on the importance of ‘positive masculinity’ covering:

  • Good male role models and attributes
  • Healthy relationships
  • How to control your emotions, feelings and attitude

During the 6 week programme, they have also implemented a peer to peer education social action project to share the knowledge they gained.

What people are saying

'I enjoyed how I had Freedom of speech'

'I learnt why its important to be a good man'

'I enjoyed taking part in different activities'

'I learnt that it is important to have a healthy relationship'

'We got to share our thoughts and work with our friends'

'I learnt what positive masculinity means'

Boys to Men Case Study

If you're interested in what we have learnt from January 2023-March 2024 please get in touch.

Joanne Meekin

Senior Team Leader

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