Working Futures

BNY Mellon and Salford Foundation have partnered to provide 'Working Futures', a programme designed to equip young people with confidence and skills to transition from education into the workplace.


Future Skills (16-18 year olds)

A range of work readiness activities, that will be ran in response to the heightened challenges young people may face when moving into the workforce. These will emphasise both generic skills and aptitudes required for success in the workplace and competencies required in particular employment sectors. The programme will help overcome the current lack of employer encounters and experiences young people are able to access. Activities on offer include;

Interview Ready

Interview Ready is a one-two day activity which provides college-aged students with insight into skills needed for the world of work. This four part programme is made up of three class size session covering; Personal Branding, Application Preparation and Interview Preparation, followed by a one-to-one mock interview with a business volunteer.

Meet the Business

Meet the Business is an opportunity for college-aged students to hear all about the world of work directly from a business as they showcase their business and it’s staff. In this activity, the business will provide three to four members of staff to speak about their various roles and what their day-to-day role looks like, as well as highlighting their journeys into employment and more. The business will be making time for Q&A for students to ask questions and explore even further about what’s on offer in the world of work.



Future Jobs (16-18 year olds)

This programme will introduce young people to emerging and growing job roles and ways of working which will be important for the economy in the years ahead. This will include newer career choices on two focus areas; emerging digital and tech sector roles, as well as green economy careers. It will enable young people to explore different types of employment, including educating them about the range of self-employment opportunities that are available and enabling them to develop entrepreneurial skills. Activities on offer include;


EntrepreNOW! is a 12-hour entrepreneurial programme which gives 14-18 year old’s the opportunity to learn about what it takes to  become an entrepreneur in the 21st century. With a focus on the fastest growing small business type at the minute, students will go through a five-step process which will help them to not only explore some of the skills and tools needed, but the emotional mindset to succeed in starting their own business.

Through the 6-sessions, students will focus on;

  • Understanding the role of an entrepreneur and how they fit into the world of work. We also include an introduction to online business.
  • Dreaming about what a self-employed life could look like and how they can turn passion into a business. Students are also introduced to learning beyond the classroom.
  • Creating a plan of action needed for starting a business, including the purpose, branding, tools and income methods.
  • Marketing to a community and a customer. An introduction to content marketing and how a small community can provide you a full-time living.
  • Managing your business finances and manging yourself, as the only member of staff. Students will also present their created business plan from the project, to a panel of employers for critique and feedback to help adapt and develop further.

The project is made up of interactive, hands-on workshops, which can be delivered in classrooms or community settings. We usually deliver six, 2-hour sessions, but can be adapted to suit your needs.

If you would like to find more about how you can get involved in our Working Futures activities, please get in touch.

Harry Stacks

Raising Aspirations Coordinator

What people are saying

"I enjoyed my experience on NCS because I was challenged by myself and others around me. I had a lot of inspiration to carry on and do better. I mixed with people from different backgrounds."

"Without Salford Foundation's support I'd be homeless. You've changed my life and I would never be able to continue my studies without your help."

"Coming here has changed my life around for the better. It has helped me stop offending by looking at why I did it in the first place and helping get things sorted out."

"I am now much more confident in my schoolwork and I listen more and my organisational skills are getting better each day."

"You would not believe the difference coming to Salford Foundation has made. I was sitting in my house, not speaking to anyone for days. My life has changed for the better. I have a life again."

"I can now start living my life again and not be afraid to open my front door. Thank you so much."

"Thank you so much for going above and beyond for my child. Your help and support has helped make such a difference in her life in such a small amount of time. I am truly grateful."

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