Social Action

Our social action team are employed through the recent Kickstart Scheme. We are a team of young people employed to create positive change within Salford community.

We are inviting young people aged 13-19 to get involved in volunteering projects that aim to tackle social issues to make a positive impact to our local community and the lives of others. Volunteering is a great way to boost social skills, make an impact, and looks good on your CV.

Themes we are exploring:
• ‘Everyday Sexism’
• Environmental
• Mental Health
• Financial Literacy

We are keen to help young people tackle a social issue they are passionate about and welcome new ideas.

To find out more about the projects we are doing or to get involved, please get in touch below:

Team: Youth Social Action Assistants
Caitlan Newns
Thomas Candlish 
Yasmin Mohamed