Positive Action Project

Positive Action Project is a six-week programme aimed at 10-14 year olds in Salford to address media literacy.
Supported by Ofcom, we upskilled young people in media aspects and encouraged groups to create impactful campaigns reaching wider audiences.

This programme was offered at no cost to groups of around 10-15 young people over the course of six one-hour sessions held weekly.

The first three sessions focus on unpacking through open discussions and interactive activities the specific positive action topic. For example, what does it mean, what do we already know or not know about this topic and how does it directly relate to the young people and their community.

Weeks four and five focus on allowing the group to create and plan a social action project which seeks to positively combat the topic. This part of the programme has a large peer to peer education focus, it aims to apply the knowledge from the first three weeks to promote a positive impact on others. This could involve assemblies, social media, or creating posters or PowerPoint presentations for their school.

The final week is where the group tie their learning together and discuss how their positive momentum can be continued long after the programme has finished.

Typically, topics covered include:

  • Online grooming
  • Social media peer-pressure
  • Fake news/disinformation
  • Digital Footprint
  • Cyber bullying
  • Online behaviours and harms
  • Online scams

The programme was funded by Ofcom to improve media literacy throughout Salford as a targeted locality.

Unfortunately, this funding has now ended and we will no longer be accepting enquiries from schools to deliver this work.  We are currently evaluating the programme and will be sharing results when available.

Grace Duffield

Programme Coordinator