Together Women Project

An award winning gender specific service providing a one stop shop of support for female offenders with multiple complex needs and living in Salford.

The project provides court and police diversions, a package of measures for community sentences, delivery of probation and other programmes, and 1-2-1 intensive support.

Interventions include, domestic abuse support; attitudes, thinking and behaviour skills; parenting support; confidence, wellbeing and mental health; housing, debt and benefit advice. The service is designed to offer a holistic, trauma informed approach to tackle the underlying issues identified as the root causes of offending behaviour.

Operating from a women only centre and offering a safe and relaxing environment, the project has a number of specific aims – to reduce re-offending; avoid family breakdown; increase access for women to community-based services and to divert women from custody.

The project delivers services that provide solutions to 9 criminal justice pathways supporting women to break free from the cycle of offending behaviour. The TWP team works closely with a range of criminal justice agencies and has seconded probation officers on-site.

If you would like to refer to the project, please submit the referral form below to the Women’s Services Team email address.

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What people are saying

"My self esteem is slowly returning and i'm getting back to being me. Now i understand what emotional abuse is.... i'm back in control and my children are happy and free."