The Wellbeing (GMIRS) Service

Salford Foundation has been piloting and delivering the Greater Manchester Integrated Rehabilitation Service (GMIRS) for adult men aged 18+ on probation in Salford since November 2022.

This service works in local communities across Greater Manchester with people on probation. People access the service via a referral from a probation worker. Anyone currently engaging with the probation system can access our service for free, at locations that suit them.

Led by The Big Life Group, we are now delivering The Wellbeing service for men in Salford as part of our gendered men’s services based at Acton Square.

When someone accesses the service, they receive tailored support that’s designed to match with their aspirations and help them meet their goals. This includes supporting service users with  emotional regulation and decision making; wellbeing support and healthy choices; behaviour change; family support and mediation; and finance, debt and benefit advice.

Our goal is to give people more opportunities, tools and positive relationships, meaning that the likelihood of re-engaging with probation services again the future is reduced. The service focuses on providing trauma-informed support that prioritises people’s strengths and aspirations. We believe that this gives people the greatest opportunity to move forward positively.

Who we can support
Men aged 18+ on probation living in Greater Manchester. We accept referrals from people with a connection to Salford and living in Salford.

To get help
All referrals are co-ordinated centrally by The Big Life Group with Salford Probation Service. Please contact you Probation Officer if you would like to be referred to our service.

Targeted Adult Services Team