Literacy Lookout

Positive Action Project- Literacy Lookout is a six-week programme aimed at 10-14 year olds in Salford tackling one of Salford's pressing challenges: low literacy rates among young people.

Join us for the Literacy Lookout Trail on June 8th 2024!

Salford Foundation’s Positive Action Project (PAP), with the generous support of BUPA will deliver the Literacy Lookout initiative which will span from January to June ’24 and will be running in partnership with local schools such as All Hallows R.C. High School and Ellesmere Park High School. Our approach involves implementing six-week projects for Year 9 and 10 students, engaging them in interactive literacy activities. This includes breaking the stigma around literacy and showcasing its importance in their current and future lives.

The Litearcy Lookout Initiative is a project aimed at tackling one of Salford’s pressing challenges: low literacy rates among young people. With Salford’s youth falling into the bottom 10% of Local Authorities nationally for English attainment, there’s an urgent need for action to improve literacy skills and foster a greater love for reading and writing.

Project delivery

Weeks 1-3: The first three weeks of this programme will be educational, interactive workshops that seek to break the mundane stigma around the word ‘literacy’. These three weeks will take a deep dive into exploring the importance and different forms of literacy, practical strategies for improvement and engagement, its impact on our personal and professional development and a highlight of how we can do something to not only benefit ourselves but our wider community.

Weeks 4-6: The last remaining weeks are where the students get to take the lead. They will have the opportunity to demonstrate and develop a variety of skills which will culminate in a large-scale, public “Literacy Lookout Trail” event that will take place on 8th June ‘24. This event will be held in person at Buile Hill Park and will be created and developed exclusively by Year 9/10 students.

To make this event possible we have invited groups of be apart of making this event a success by:

  • Creating maps and clues to be hidden around the park
  • Arranging event logistics
  • Building book bins to take to local businesses.
  • Creatively sourcing second handbooks to be given to younger children
  • Promoting their hard work and event to younger primary school children
  • Designing and presenting assemblies/presentations for both primary school-aged children and corporate businesses

This programme is offered at no cost to have the following impact:

  • Enhanced literacy skills for both participants and the wider community
  • Development of key skills like communication, teamwork, problem-solving, organisation, corporate engagement, and event planning
  • Confidence boost through leading a community-driven project.
  • Fostering a sense of civic engagement and responsibility
  • Being part of a small select group to significantly impact our community.


If you would like more information about our Literacy Lookout project or Literacy Lookout Trail please contact Grace Duffield.

Grace Duffield

Programme Coordinator