Kickstart Your Future

Kickstart Your Future aims to inspire and empower young people to reach their unlimited potential on their journey to success.

Thanks to the legacy of our ‘Salford Business Education Partnership’ work, we have created a NEW programme with the themes of Jump Forward, Stretch Further, and Reach Higher, students will be well-equipped to navigate transitions through education to the dynamic realm of work, cultivating essential life and work skills, and aspiring to new heights in their chosen fields.


Jump Forward

It’s time to take that next step and leap forward confidently.

Focusing on supporting students during critical transitions, whether within the educational landscape or venturing into the world of work. Armed with practical tools and strategies taught through our peer-to-peer mentoring, participants will navigate their path with resilience and readiness. Students can also take part in our Transition Days, focussed on bringing a future year group together and become familiar with their new locations.

Stretch Further

Challenge yourself and cultivate life skills that extend beyond the classroom.

Dedicated to pushing students beyond their comfort zones, preparing them for the complexities of work and life. Whether gearing up for employment through a mock interview activity, mastering personal finances through an enterprise day, or enhancing emotional intelligence through some of our employer-led mentoring, this theme ensures a holistic approach to personal and professional development.

Reach Higher

Aspire for more and gain insights into your future potential in the working world.

Offering students first-hand experiences and opportunities to explore professional landscapes through our World of Work activity, build networks, and venture into workplaces across Greater Manchester through an employer-hosted visit. This theme inspires ambitious goals, encouraging students to set their sights higher and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead.

Kickstart Your Future Activities

What We Offer

Our one-day activities and mentoring programmes aim to support students in years 6 to 11 and often engage with the entire year group. Activities are run by the staff at Salford Foundation making for a smooth and supported experience. Schools can pick from the range of activities or if there is a specific area which needs covering in the curriculum, our Raising Aspirations team would be happy to discuss the potential of a bespoke activity to support with that area.

Our activities wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful business volunteers. Most activities are supported by individual employees who offer up their work time to support the development of students through the activities on offer.

World of Work

Imagine a careers fair, mixed with speed dating – this is our World of Work activity! Students will have the opportunity to speak with a variety of employers from different industries about different job roles, what the industry is like, the qualifications that might be needed and more. Students may also take part in a short group activity to help highlight an aspect being spoken about.

The activity lasts around 2 hours where students will ‘carousel’ around multiple different employers. This activity is usually delivered to the entire year group, with half at any one time. The activity is available for YR8+. Salford Foundation will provide all the resources on the day and the activity is facilitated by one of our coordinators.

Mock Interviews

For many of the young people we engage with, our mock interviews activity is their first experience of participating in an interview. Through this activity, students will experience a one-to-one interview with an employer within our ever growing professional network, whilst hearing first-hand feedback of ways to continue developing and preparing for a job or college interview in the future.

The interviews last 20 minutes and students will also have an opportunity to receive direct feedback after the interview. This activity is offered to the entire year group across a school day with students attending by appointed time. This activity is available for YR10+ students. Salford Foundation will provide all the resources on the day and the activity is facilitated by one of our coordinators.

Raising Aspirations Mentoring

The main aim of the mentoring programme is to enable yR8 and YR9 students to discover the skills and attitudes needed to successfully transition from education into the world of work. Through interactive activities and discussions with groups of 8 students, volunteer business mentors will share their stories and help equip students with the essential skills needed for work.

Our Raising Aspirations mentoring programme is made up of six in-school sessions
• Introduction
• Team Work
• Time Management
• Self Awareness and Resilience
• Communication
• Problem Solving

After the six sessions, there is time for students to put their new skills into practice before completing the programme with a celebration session which is held at the mentors’ place of work.

The programme is fully structured and resourced, which means volunteers do not have to spend time creating content for each session, but they have the opportunity to personalise the sessions with their own stories and experiences.

To enable volunteers to run the programme independently, Salford Foundation provides a two hour training session which covers the content of the programme as well as safeguarding and a full enhanced DBS check. Salford Foundation staff offer support throughout the duration of the programme.

Enterprise Workshop Days

Our Enterprise Workshop Days are a fun and engaging way to bring a real world topic to life. Whether it’s a STEM Day or a Personal Finance Day, these workshops will be able to allow students to explore a variety of different skills, whilst learning some tips and tricks to help them develop for the working world.

The activity lasts around 2 hours where students will ‘carousel’ around multiple different workshops. This activity is usually delivered to the entire year group, with half at any one time. The activity is available for YR8+. Salford Foundation will provide all the resources on the day and the activity is facilitated by one of our coordinators.

Workplace Visits

Understanding the workplace is important to decision making for young people. Through these visits, students will have an opportunity to not only understand what the working world looks like day-to-day, but students have the chance to meet and engage with employers in the workplace, whilst understanding through practical activity what it takes to do the job.

This activity is roughly 2 hours long and takes place in a workplace within Greater Manchester. Salford Foundation will complete administration and arrangements for the visits to take place, however groups will need to make their own way to the visit which will be arranged by the school.

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Additional Information

Raising Aspirations Fund 2024

The Raising Aspirations Fund is back for another year with a NEW and exciting opportunity to help take your schools career programme to the next level by including additional careers activities. With thanks to the JD Foundation, the fund offers an opportunity for Greater Manchester high schools to apply for one fully-funded careers activity delivered by Salford Foundation.
Activities included
– YR10 or YR11 Mock Interviews (One full year group)
– YR8 or YR9 World of Work (One full year group)
– YR8 or YR9 Raising Aspirations Mentoring Programme (16 students – selected by the school)
– YR8, YR9, YR10 or YR11 Personal Finance Day (One full year group)
– YR8, YR9 or YR10 STEM Day (One full year group)
– YR8, YR9 or YR10 Workplace Visits (4 visits per school – groups of 14 max per visit).
Delivery Duration
1st July 2023 to 31st May 2024
Fund Schedule
Funding Announcement – 9am on Tuesday 4th June 2024
Closing Date for Applications – 5pm on Friday 21st June 2024
Decisions Announced – Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th June 2024
Application Form
If you are a school in Greater Manchester, please complete the application form by CLICKING HERE


Below is the current prices for academic year 23/24*. These prices cover activity to be delivered from September 2023 – July 2024.

Kickstart Your Future

Mock Interviews – Under Review

World of Work – Under Review

Raising Aspirations Mentoring – Under Review

Enterprise Workshop Days – Under Review

Workplace Visits – £149 per group (14 students max)

LEAP Project – Under Review

Transition Day – Under Review


*Prices subject to change for new academic year.

What people are saying

"I enjoyed my experience on NCS because I was challenged by myself and others around me. I had a lot of inspiration to carry on and do better. I mixed with people from different backgrounds."

"Without Salford Foundation's support I'd be homeless. You've changed my life and I would never be able to continue my studies without your help."

"Coming here has changed my life around for the better. It has helped me stop offending by looking at why I did it in the first place and helping get things sorted out."

"I am now much more confident in my schoolwork and I listen more and my organisational skills are getting better each day."

"You would not believe the difference coming to Salford Foundation has made. I was sitting in my house, not speaking to anyone for days. My life has changed for the better. I have a life again."

"I can now start living my life again and not be afraid to open my front door. Thank you so much."

"Thank you so much for going above and beyond for my child. Your help and support has helped make such a difference in her life in such a small amount of time. I am truly grateful."

If you would like to find more about how you can get involved in our Kickstart Your Future activities, please get in touch.

Ruby Mimmack

Raising Aspirations Coordinator

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