The Freedom Project

The Freedom Project is a domestic abuse programme running from our Women’s Centre in Salford. Service users are supported throughout the 10-week programme using a trauma informed approach to ensure a safe and nurturing environment. Additional 1-2-1 sessions are available, and referral into a specialist domestic abuse counselling service if required.


Women accessing the programme are supported to develop insight and understanding into their own experiences of domestic abuse, with emphasis on the complex mechanics involved in emotional and psychological abuse, manipulation, coercion and controlling behaviour. Through group discussion, participants go through a process of validation by sharing their own personal experiences in a supportive and non-judgemental setting. Objectives of the sessions are to debunk the false beliefs held by perpetrators; for participants to identify what a healthy relationship looks like; to understand and identify early markers in abusive relationships; develop resilience, confidence and self-worth; and to identify and understand all the components necessary for the development of trauma bonding.

The programme is facilitated by a qualified and experienced domestic abuse practitioner and supported by a qualified counsellor.


For further information, please contact

Janet Davies