Inspired to Aspire Mentoring

Inspired to Aspire Mentoring aims to develop the skills, attitudes and qualities of students by linking them with mentors from local businesses.

Since 2017, volunteer business mentors have been leading inspirational group mentoring sessions for 12 to 14 year olds (school years 8 and 9) in schools across Greater Manchester. So far, over 1700 students have been mentored by volunteers from businesses such as JD Sports, BDO, McDonalds, BNY Mellon, Thermatic, Property Tectonics and many more.

The main aim of the mentoring programme is to enable students to discover the skills and attitudes needed to successfully transition from education into the world of work. Through interactive activities and discussions, volunteer business mentors will share their stories and help equip students with the essential skills needed for work.

Our Inspired to Aspire mentoring programme is made up of six in-school sessions
• Introduction
• Team Work
• Time Management
• Self Awareness and Resilience
• Communication
• Problem Solving

After the six sessions, there is time for students to put their new skills into practice before completing the programme with a celebration session which is held at the mentors’ place of work.

The programme is fully structured and resourced, which means volunteers do not have to spend time creating content for each session, but they have the opportunity to personalise the sessions with their own stories and experiences.

To enable volunteers to run the programme independently, Salford Foundation provides a two hour training session which covers the content of the programme as well as safeguarding and a full enhanced DBS check. Salford Foundation staff offer support throughout the duration of the programme.


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What people are saying

"They have given me better skills and made me think about different jobs for my future"

Year 8 student, Ellesmere Park High School

"It was a great experience I learnt so much about myself, I got a real sense of satisfaction and fulfillment knowing I was helping others"

Mentor, JD Sports

"Our mentor was confident and entertaining for our sessions and has made me understand what is needed in a job!"

Year 8 student, Altrincham College of Arts

"The programme has been so influential in developing the personal skills of our young people, as well as widening their horizons"

Teacher, Unsworth Academy

"they made it really easy to talk about what we thought and our mentors involved everyone"

Year 9 student, Fred Longworth High School

"I truly was honoured to have taken part in the programme and met some fantastic students, whom have shown me there dedication to the programme. To look back as to how each student was on session 1 to the final session is truly amazing at how much my input made a difference. The programme really does have an impact"

Mentor, Property Tectonics

"Inviting young people from the work place to be business mentors to students is a valuable activity and many other students could benefit from these important relationships with business"

Teacher, Prestwich Arts College

“I felt really comfortable talking and I didn't feel left out and I got to talk when I wanted to and felt very confident"

Year 8 student, Ellesmere Park High School

"My presentation skills and ability to talk openly in groups will have improved as a result of the programme. Addtionally, the prggramme will have helped develop my organisation and time management skills"

Mentor, BNY Mellon

"The pupils enjoyed each session throughly. In particular the mock interviews and team building exercises. Each pupil really enjoyed partaking in the site visit which provided them with valuable insight into the working world and inspired the towards their own future careers"

Teacher, Altrincham College of Arts

"They have allowed me to realise and see what I'm good at and what I am not so good at"

Year 9 student, Fred Longworth

If you would like to find more about how you can get involved in our Inspired to Aspire Mentoring programme, please get in touch.

Alex Kershaw

Raising Aspirations - Senior Team Leader


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