STEER provides one to one mentoring for young people aged 10-17 at risk of serious youth violence and child criminal exploitation across Salford, Bolton, Wigan, and Trafford.

Utilising specifically designed interventions and positive activities we aim to “steer” young people down a legitimate path helping to improve resilience, motivation and reduce risk taking behaviours.

Mentors support each young person to create their own plan and set goals. They also help young people to improve pro-social skills and develop coping mechanisms.


Steer Salford Case Study


Matty was referred to our service due to concerns around his involvement in local gangs, anti-social behaviour and his violent nature in school and within the community.


STEER provides one to one mentoring for young people at risk of serious youth violence. The service uses positive activities to steer young people down a legitimate path helping to improve resilience, motivation and reducing risk-taking behaviours.


“The sessions provided Matty with an opportunity to get things off his chest, away from his home environment.”


“Matty is now aware of the impact his actions have on those close to him. He’s even motivated to find a career that he’s passionate about” – STEER Salford Coordinator


Since beginning the STEER mentoring sessions, Matty has not been involved in any major incidents. Matty’s school have also commented on his improvement, stating that he’s on his way to achieving some really good grades!


Matty’s mentoring sessions will continue to ensure that he successfully enrols on to an apprenticeship or college course, and to ensure his positive relationship with his family continues.


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What people are saying

‘Thank you for all of your fantastic support for him. [STEER] has clearly had a hugely positive impact on his life and he feels his work with you has really benefitted him.’

– Project participant L’s Young Carers Support Worker

‘I have gained the confidence to regularly attend the Skills Company and focus on my long term goals.’

- Project participant S

‘I have learnt to manage my anger using techniques we have spoken about in STEER sessions, helping me concentrate on my school work much better.’

- Project participant Z

‘Thanks to the support of the STEER project I have been able to get involved in football again, giving me something to look forward to and work towards every week.’

- Project participant G

‘Working with STEER has had a massive impact on our son’s life. We will be forever grateful for all his help and support not only for the work he does with our son but for the help and support he gives us as a family.’

- Mother of project participant

'STEER has helped me realise the effects of my cannabis use on my motivation and helped me focus my aspirations towards proper work rather than dealing weed. I never thought that a legal job would be for me but I am excited to eventually leave school and start working as a mechanic.’

- Project participant D

‘We’re proud to support such a worthwhile initiative which is already having a positive and long-lasting impact on young people in the area. ’

- Superintendent Marcus Noden

‘The focus that B has on achieving his goals and the passion he is showing for his landscaping project is heart melting. This would not have been possible without the routine and consistent input of STEER.’

- Mother of Participant B

I am so glad he is engaging well with STEER. His attendance, punctuality and volume of behaviour incidents have improved so much.’

- School Safeguarding Officer

‘Having a mentor on the STEER project has meant I’ve been able to talk through things and make sense of them in my head without judgement. I now think I can make sensible decisions that benefit me.’

- Project participant N

‘Thanks so much for your support, I appreciate it. I don’t think he has stuck with something so long before and it’s brilliant to see how much he is enjoying boxing.’

- Mother of Participant H

‘STEER has offered me solid alternatives and strategies when I have struggled with some complex situations with the students.’

- School Pastoral Manager

‘Without the input of STEER the boys would not be as successful as they are.’

- School Safeguarding Lead

‘This project is about giving young people a chance to enjoy their lives now and create a positive future for themselves. It’s something which could be replicated across the country.

- Councillor David Lancaster

‘I think STEER gives us an opportunity to change our lives. I would never have had the chance to try snowboarding otherwise and by working hard it’s something I want to do again when I get the chance.’

- Project participant N

‘It is great to see that STEER is giving young people the skills and incentive to be able to walk away from crime, as well as giving them the opportunities to build themselves a better future. ’

- Superintendent Marcus Noden

‘We appreciate all the help and support given to us as a family by [STEER]. It has given B stability and routine through the week and seems much more focused on his future.’

- Mother of Project participant B

‘Things are looking much more positive for A now since the involvement of STEER, thanks so much for all your help’

- School Head of Year

‘The intervention videos we have watched and discussed have helped me understand the risks of certain situations that I wouldn’t have thought twice about before’

- Project participant J

‘STEER has brought consistency to my son’s life and even though things aren’t perfect, there is a real change in the way [Participant L] is thinking about his future.’

- Mother of Participant L

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