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We are Salford Foundation

We’re a charity providing opportunities for young people and adults to create better futures.

We've been helping people in Salford, Greater Manchester and the North West for over 30 years. By creating the right mix of opportunities, relationships and resources with people, we believe that everyone can reach their full potential. People are at the heart of all our work, shaping and co-creating what we do. We also have a fantastic network of businesses and volunteers helping us to achieve our goals.

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Whether you’re in need of help, or want to help those in need, Salford Foundation is the right place to come.

Helping adults & young people reach their potential

Helping adults & young people reach their potential

Whatever challenges or opportunities you are facing. Whatever stage of life you are at. We provide a range of projects that will help you to create a better future. Whether it’s you that needs support, someone you love or someone you’re supporting – we’re here to help. We will welcome you without judgement. We’ll be passionate and professional. We will work with you to fulfil your potential.

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Corporate Social Responsibility - giving back the community

Corporate Social Responsibility - giving back the community

Are you looking to develop your approach to corporate social responsibility or social value?
Our Business Education Partnership team has been connecting employers with local people and communities in Salford and across Greater Manchester for over 30 years.

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Our services

Our services

1. Targeted Adult Support Services Providing intensive support to adults with complex needs facing substantial barriers to their full participation in society due to issues such as social isolation, worklessness, poverty, debt, mental health and offending.
2. Women’s & Survivor's Services. Trauma-informed, holistic services with specialist interventions and peer support which empowers women experiencing complex and multiple challenges to progress and change. Key groups include female offenders and victims/survivors of domestic abuse.
3. Youth Aspirations & Opportunity. Social action and workshops that raise aspirations and promote social mobility for disadvantaged young people aged 8-25 including personal, social, employability and life skills
4. Targeted Youth Support Services. Early intervention and prevention with intensive support for vulnerable young people aged 8+ with emotional, social, behavioural needs and their families. Experiencing significant challenges and risks including: exclusion, violence, abuse, exploitation and family conflict.

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What people are saying

"I enjoyed my experience on NCS because I was challenged by myself and others around me. I had a lot of inspiration to carry on and do better. I mixed with people from different backgrounds."

"Without Salford Foundation's support I'd be homeless. You've changed my life and I would never be able to continue my studies without your help."

"Coming here has changed my life around for the better. It has helped me stop offending by looking at why I did it in the first place and helping get things sorted out."

"I am now much more confident in my schoolwork and I listen more and my organisational skills are getting better each day."

"You would not believe the difference coming to Salford Foundation has made. I was sitting in my house, not speaking to anyone for days. My life has changed for the better. I have a life again."

"I can now start living my life again and not be afraid to open my front door. Thank you so much."

"Thank you so much for going above and beyond for my child. Your help and support has helped make such a difference in her life in such a small amount of time. I am truly grateful."

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Co-op Foundation
Greater Manchester Combined Authority
Greater Manchester Women’s Support Alliance
JD Foundation
Kenny Waste Management
Salford City Council
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